Knockout Tables and Report 2020/21

Welcome back - although I did wonder a few weeks ago whether we would be back! In every respect this is going to be an unusual season in very unusual times but it is good to be able to return to the ice rink even though our numbers are (hopefully temporarily) reduced. I may have managed to hand over the reins of Secretary into the very capable hands of Liz Tait - wasn't that well timed?! - but unfortunately for all you readers I have agreed to continue reporting as impartially as ever on the on-ice antics of the club members! Normally this week would signal the first round of the knockout section games but having had to reduce the playing rinks from our previous 10 to just 7 the "knockout" is being played as a league amongst the 7 rinks but still with the 3rds as skips and league skips playing as leads.

Rink 1 (Willie) had the night off. President Hazel extended a warm welcome to everyone present and before inviting your recently retired secretary to throw the opening stone immediate Past President David presented Alan with a pair of curling stones most generously supplied by Donald Macrae in recognition of his 10 years' service as secretary. I am not sure that the quality of my opening stone matched the beauty of the stones themselves. With that, the competition got under way.

On sheet 1 last season's High Road winner Jean Thomson got her campaign under way against last season's Low Road beaten finalist Peter Christy and it was Peter who emerged victorious by 7-4. Whilst the opening 2 ends were shared with single shots Peter scored 2 shots at each of the next 3 ends and that cushion was sufficient for him to see out the rest of the game. The adjoining sheet saw Peter Kennedy and John MacLeod in action. Both rinks included husband and wife combinations with Bella joining Peter whilst John's rink included President Hazel and Charlie and it would appear that the Kennedy partnership was stronger! Despite losing 3 shots in the second end Peter quickly evened the score and by the final end had established a lead of 7-3. A further score of 3 for John in that end meant he came close but it was not quite enough and Peter prevailed by 7-6. The final game welcomed Maureen McVey back into the playing fold with her opponent Alan Mitchel, one of last season's new recruits. Alan opened with 2 shots but Maureen quickly responded by scoring 3 only for Alan to gain a further 2 shots. The next 2 ends went in Maureen's favour building a lead of 7-4. At the penultimate end a measure was required (for the second time in the game) but before it could be determined Maureen's stone was unfortunately moved fractionally thus giving Alan a decisive and potentially crucial 4th shot. With just the one shot separating the sides it all came down to Maureen's final stone and believing she lay 1 was cautious with her stone. However yet another measure was called for and sadly for Maureen by the smallest of margins the decision went in favour of Alan thus ensuring victory by 9-7. An exciting and enjoyable first game and hopefully the template for everyone for the rest of the season.

Next week it was due to be curling again at 5.45pm with rink 4 (Maureen) getting a rest but as you should all know by now the latest government restrictions have meant cancellation of all curling until 26 October so everyone gets an unscheduled rest next Wednesday and fortuitously we did not have any curling organised for 21 October.  Our next planned curling is at 5.45pm on Wednesday 28 October when rink 7 (Jean) will be rested - again.  The games currently scheduled for that evening can be seen on the KO Fixtures tab above.

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