Results Archive

The official Minute Book records all the winners over the years. However, here is a handy record from 2012, not only showing the winners, but also the final report for each year on the League and Knockout.

League - Holder 2022-23 Charlie Steele

2022-23 Winner: Charlie Steele and Liz Tait
2021-22 Winner: Alan Richmond and Alicia Smith
2020-21 Cancelled (Pandemic)
2019-20 Winner: Willie Scott and Elma Stevenson
2018-19 Winner: Bella Kennedy and Ronnie Wilson
2017-18 Not Played
2016-17 Not Played
2015-16 Winner: Charlie Steele and Peter Reynolds
2014-15 Winner: David Gray and Elma Stevenson
2013-14 Not played
2012-13 Winner: Alex and Jean Thomson

2022-23 Winner:
Charlie Steele
2021-22 Winner: Alan McKinlay
2020-21 Cancelled (Pandemic) 
2019-20 Winner: Alan McKinlay
2018-19 Winner: Charlie Steele
2017-18 Winner: Neil Beattie
2016-17 Winner: Geoff Barber
2015-16 Winner: Geoff Barber
2014-15 Winner: Geoff Barber
2013-14 Winner: Charlie Steele
2012-13 Winner: David Gray

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