2019-20 Knockout


Well, that's the Knockout competition over for another year and accordingly we have our first trophy winners of this season. The High Road saw the winners of their respective sections in competition, Jean Thomson taking on Bella Kennedy, whilst the Low Road final was being contested by Alan Richmond and Peter Christy. In the absence of your usual reporter on the weekly ongoings of the Club he thought it would be an incentive for the winners of the two finals to have to submit a report on their respective games. It was to be hoped that this imposition would not be a deterrent to winning and that the reports would be fair and and not in the least biased! Given the final scores I am not sure whether the need to submit a report spurred on the winners or acted as a total disincentive for the losers! Well done however to Jean and Alan who have reported as follows:

When it was proposed that the winners of this evening's High and Low Road finals write a report in your absence, and suggested that this should provide the incentive to spur us on to a win, I felt that it might also have the opposite effect. Bella's team gained a 1 shot lead at the first end but unfortunately for her she gifted my team four shots at the second end and this we added to steadily until the score stood at 12-1. At this point Bella decided that enough was enough and we shook hands at the end of the sixth end. I must pay tribute to all of my team, Linda Wilson, Hazel Steele, Carol Simpson and occasional sub Heather Gray, for a great Knockout competition. I can't speak highly enough of their commitment. Commiserations to the very gallant losers, Bella Kennedy, Liz Tait, Douglas Thow (deputising for Alicia Smith) and Jen Tyre (subbing for Jim Nelson)

The Low Road final was contested between the rinks of Peter Christy and Alan Richmond. Both sides had 1 reserve playing. Geoff Barber subbed for Charlie Steele in Peter's rink and Willie Scott deputised for Annette Paterson in Alan's rink. The first four ends resulted in single scores for each with the teams peeling at 2-2. The 5th end produced an unexpected 3 for Alan's rink in what was a closely fought end. At the 6th end, a Willie Scott plan F special shot turned the close end to a fortuitous 3 for Alan's rink. With the score at 8-2 in Alan's favour, hands were duly shaken before time up. In reality, a very closely fought match with 2 unexpected scores of 3 at the 5th and 6th ends. Well done therefore to Alan, Sheila Campbell, Willie Scott and Ronnie Wilson. A valiant effort but to no avail by Peter, Alan Mitchell, Tricia McKeand and Geoff Barber.

Now attention turns to the League competition which begins next Wednesday. Will Carol Simpson be able to repeat last season's success? As usual the results - and a commentary - will be posted weekly.