Alan McKinlay Presentation


Alan McKinlay served for 10 years as club secretary, starting in 2010. In that time he has done a magnificent job, keeping the Club running smoothly and dealing with all the issues in his quiet, efficient manner. On 7 October 2020, the opening night of the season, Alan was presented with a pair of curling stones, as a token of the Club's thanks for his dedicated service. He duly delivered the stone with the smooth action we recognise.

Alan sent a message to President Hazel:

"I was absolutely delighted to receive the most handsome curling stones on Wednesday evening. I spoke to Donald Macrae yesterday to thank him most sincerely for his truly most generous gesture. It was extremely kind of him. He recalled meeting me 10+ years ago in Newmarket St when I had agreed (or possibly it was hoped that I had agreed) to take over from Ken and I am glad that I don't seem to have failed in his expectations of me. His other comment was that "a gentleman should always have 2 stones"! You can take from that what you wish but I'll take it as a compliment.

If anyone has to get the blame, or credit, for my time as secretary it is Linda. I was just about to retire and she said that as I would have so much more time on my hands I had no excuse not to take on the role. I still take issue with her on that remark! Seriously it has been a pleasure (mostly!) to serve the Club and having persuaded Liz to take over I am really sorry that she has had a baptism of fire in the last 6 months. I certainly never expected that she, and you, would have to cope with all the difficulties and problems which have arisen and continue to confront everyone but I have no doubt that she is a very worthy and capable successor. Please let the committee know whenever you next meet how grateful I am for the presentation of the stones which now reside splendidly and securely locked in our front porch.

Regards and best wishes, Alan