First game at The Galleon Kilmarnock


Ayr & Alloway played their first game of the season on 10 October 2023 at The Galleon Kilmarnock. We had heard the ice can be a bit slow, but in truth it was almost unplayble - full strike weight to reach the house! In fairness to the ice techs, they were very keen to know what we thought of it, and said they had worked very hard to ensure it was the best possible. The blame lay with the warm weather (18 degrees outside) causing high humidity inside, obvious by the misty conditions.

President Alan McKinlay welcomed the curlers and asked Secretary Liz Tait to throw the first stone, which he did with a stylish delivery. Two sheets had been booked with David Gray beating Ed Baines, and Charlie Steele beating Alan McKinlay. All just for fun this year and to test these tired muscles.