Grant of £181000 has been approved!


Letter from Chairman Liz Goldie and President Robert Boyd

We are delighted to be able to let you know that our application to the Scottish Government for financial support has been successful with the award of a grant amounting to £181,000
You will recall that we said in the run up to Christmas that we needed £85k to survive. That figure was the absolute bare minimum required and would have resulted in us not being able to restart any ice sports until late September. The award received is a more realistic amount to see us through the pandemic and will allow us to restart figure skating and ice hockey when it is safe to do so with curling hopefully, resuming as normal in September.
The grant is still some way short of the amount which would have put us back where we were financially before the pandemic but we are, nevertheless, mightily relieved. Next season will be challenging and your continued support will be necessary to further secure the future of Ayr Ice Rink.
We are extremely grateful to everyone who supported us by writing to their local councillor and MSP to make them aware of the possibility that Ayr Ice Rink was facing closure and to those of you who offered support by way of financial pledges. We are very pleased to be in the position of not now needing to call on the pledges.
With the roll out of the vaccination programme let us hope that we are seeing the light at the end of the Covid tunnel and that we will be back on the ice next season. It has been a difficult year for many people and it is great to be bringing you some good news. Please continue to take care and enjoy the summer.


Liz & Robert