Update: Scottish Curling



The previous version of Return to Curling made reference to a 30 person limit, but it has since been confirmed that the Scottish Government guidance on a 30 person limit refers only to outdoor contact sports.

Therefore, the 30-person limit does not apply to curling.

This is because the numbers for indoor sports are based on risk assessments at facilities that consider a wide range of factors. This includes physical space, pinch points, ventilation, volume of air per person, cleaning, access to changing areas. Our work with ice rinks has informed our decision making and setting of participant limits to be applied across the country so curling can return safely.


The Field of Play Bubble is a concept that will help contact tracing through Test & Protect. For curling we have defined that each sheet is a Field of Play Bubble (with a maximum of nine people).

Our revised guidance now states that curlers can play in more than one bubble per day, which means they can participate in multiple sessions per day. Curlers should, however, only visit one ice rink per day. In competitions where curlers will play more than one other team, this should be kept to a minimum, with pools of no more than eight teams. Remaining within these limits while participating in curling will limit the potential spread of COVID-19.


Our most recent update clarifies that only one player from the throwing team is permitted to sweep during each shot. The updated guidance does however allow for that player to sweep stones behind the tee line.

Finally, it is worth noting that sport is a devolved matter and so any announcements made by UK Government do not apply in Scotland.