Match against The Gangrels 20 January 2022


In our annual match against Gangrels at Ayr Ice rink two A&A took part and comprised, Rink 1, Alex Thomson (skip), Alan Richmond, Annette Paterson and Hugh Kennedy. Rink 2, Alan McKinlay (skip), Ken Ireland, Liz Tait and Douglas Haddow.

Alex's rink played a Gangrels rink skipped by Peter Reynolds with Peter Kennedy at second. The two Peters wearing the black of the Gangrels rather than the A&A blue! Singles were exchanged at the first 2 ends before a 4 was scored by A&A at the 3rd to lead 5-1. A&A scored a further single at the 4th before Gangrels responded with singles at the 5th and 6th. A&A went to the final end with a 6-3 lead where Gangrels picked up a 3 to peel the game at 6-6.

Alan's rink played a Gangrels rink skipped by Jim Dunlop. Gangrels took an early lead with a single followed by a 4 to lead 5-0. A&A levelled the game up with a 5 at the 3rd. Gangrels then followed up by scoring 2,3,2 and 3 to run out to comfortable 15-5 winners.

The curlers from the 2 clubs then retired to the bar with the majority staying for a post match meal. An enjoyable time was had by all and we look forward to the rematch next year.