Parish Trophy 26 February 2023


On Sunday 26 February a rink skipped by Ed Baines and comprising Alan McKinlay at 3rd, Allan Chapman at 2nd and Peter Kennedy as Lead played a rink from Fairywell in the Parish Trophy. The Fairywell rink consisted of Sean Rennie (skip), Alan Sloan (3rd), George McNaughton (2nd) and Bill Alexander (Lead).

It has to be said that we knew we were in for a difficult game! However after losing the first end to go 2 shots behind we responded well and 2 ends later we were level. Fairywell then won the next 2 ends to open up a lead of 3 shots and the omens were not good in the 6th end when it looked as though we might lose a bundle and were in fact ready to concede defeat. However "cometh the hour etc" and Ed produced an end-winning shot to move us to within 2 of Fairywell. In the next and final end however with only the skips' final stones to come it was accepted that we could not get the required 2 shots to force a peel and hands were shaken.

It had been a good, well-fought and enjoyable game with Fairywell the deserved winners. The Ayr & Alloway rink had nevertheless proved themselves worthy opponents.