Province Medal 4 January 2022


The club entered 2 rinks in the Province Medal. Rink 1 comprised Alan Mitchell (skip), John MacLeod, Ed Baines and Hugh Kennedy. Rink 2 comprised Jim Nelson (skip), Ken Ireland, Alex Thomson and Douglas Haddow.

Alan's rink played a Dalmellington rink skipped by Rob White. Singles were exchanged over the first 3 ends to give Dalmellington a 2-1 lead. Dalmellington then scored a double at the 4th. A&A responded with a 3 at the 5th end to level the game up at 4-4. Singles were then exchanged at the 6th and 7th ends so the game was peeled at 5-5. A very tight game with the honours shared.

Jim's rink played a Troon Portland rink skipped by Mara Lindsay. Jim opened a healthy 5-0 lead over the first 4 ends. The lead was pegged back over the following 3 ends with singles by Troon. Jim started the final end with a 5-3 lead and snatched a further single to run out with a 6-3 win.

In the Province Medal competition the shot differential over the 2 rinks' scores determines the club's score so A&A finished at +3. A&A therefore finished a creditable 5th from the 11 clubs entered. Galston and Sorn tied at +16 with Galston pronounced overall winners due to shots scored at 23 over Sorn's 22.