Rink Championship


On 4 November 2021, an Ayr and Alloway rink comprising Ed Baines (Skip), Jim Nelson, Willie Scott and Allan Chapman played against a strong Galston 2 rink of James Dykes, Gillian King, Alan Brown and Fiona McGinnis in the quarter final of the Rink Championship at Ayr Ice Rink.

Galston opened the scoring with a single at the 1st end, A&A responded with 2 at the second. At the 3rd and 4th ends A&A inched further ahead with singles at each. All members of the rink contributed with good stones expertly skipped by Ed. A decisive 2 was then scored by A&A at the 5th end followed by a single at the 6th. There was time left for a further end but a gracious handshake was offered by Galston.

The match was played in a friendly and sporting manner. The final score of 7-1 in Ayr and Alloway favour did not reflect the closeness of the game and that a few crucial stones here and there were the deciding factor.

Now on to the semi-final on Wednesday 10th November at 20:00 against either Crosshill or Fairywell.