President Hazel takes over


The first ever "virtual "AGM was held on 25 March 2020. Secretary Alan circulated a number of papers by email on 18 March 2020 viz. President's Report, Treasurer's Report, Secretary's Report and Match Secretary's Report.

Objections or comments were invited but none were received, so the following is deemed to be approved:

1. That the subscription for all playing and reserve members be increased by £5 such that those for whom Ayr and Alloway is their "mother" club will pay £40 and "non-mother" club members £20. The subscription for non-playing members will remain unchanged at £5.
2. That Liz Tait be appointed Secretary following the retirement of Alan McKinlay. With regard to this appointment President David writes as follows:
Alan has advised he wishes to stand down as Secretary after completing 10 years in the role. It takes a special type of person to fulfil this demanding and time consuming job and we are so grateful that Alan has undertaken this duty so meticulously. To ease his departure Alan has asked Liz Tait to take over the role as Secretary. We are fortunate that Liz has agreed but only on condition that Alan is on hand for advice and assistance as she settles in or when she is on holiday!
Liz, thanks for stepping in to help. This Club has a history of very competent secretaries who have loyally served Ayr and Alloway and I am confident that you will bring your own authority to this role.
Alan, on behalf of the Club very many thanks for the tremendous service you have given to this Club. More will be said at the delayed Presentation of Prizes.

3. That Ronnie Wilson be re-appointed as Treasurer
4. That Alex Thomson be re-appointed as Independent Examiner
5. That Allan Chapman be re-appointed as Match Secretary
6. That Jane Cherry and Alan McHarg be elected to serve on committee in place of Maureen McVey and Carol Simpson who have both completed 3 years on committee

David nominates Hazel Steele to succeed him as President and Hazel proposes as her Vice President, Alan Richmond.