Winning start on Opening Day!


Ayr and Alloway only managed to field one rink for Opening Day on 28 Sept 2020, but perhaps quality counts over quantity, as they went on to win Session 2, with an impressive 11 shot victory (13-2). The rink was Charlie Steele, John Macleod, Hugh Kennedy and Ken Ireland.

President Hazel commented "It was wonderful to see the ice rink full of players, it almost looked normal! After the game we were treated to a delicious meal, cooked by our new chef, Laurie, (chicken, ham and leek pie, followed by clootie dumpling......yummy!)

The meal and all drinks were served by bar staff at our tables, no queuing, so, very relaxed and enjoyable. I hope you'll support Laurie and staff after our games, he is very keen to please and impress.